What is the difference between a Therapist, a Psychologist, and a Psychiatrist?

There are several different types of professionals who can provide therapy, and each has their own acronym and set of qualifications. For anyone who hasn’t actually been a therapist, deciphering a person’s credentials can be challenging. Here’s a quick guide to the different kind of therapists and the differences between them. Psychiatrists are medical doctors
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Is there something between Fight and Flight?

Schoolyard conflicts usually end in one of two ways- a fistfight erupts, or one kid runs away. “Fight or Flight” is a choice that humans have been making for thousands of years. But what do we do in modern situations when we’re in conflict? When you’re an adult getting bullied at work (which happens a
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How Do I Choose a Therapist?

If you’ve never had therapy before, the task of choosing a therapist can be daunting. There are thousands of clinicians out there, each with her/his own set of experiences, specialties, and attempts to look comfortable getting photographed (see: You probably don’t feel like spending¬†a month deliberating on your choice- you want to find someone
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